Your Career Opportunities

We offer unique career opportunities for advancement and personal development in a pioneering company for new as well as experienced academics.

While consulting in the comprehensive value chain of the different companies you soon grow both a broad and specialized knowledge outside your original competency field. You will quite soon be given high levels of responsibility and enter a steep learning curve within our various fields of expertise. In this way you help both the clients projects and develop your personal career via internal and external education.

You will be working alongside highly competent and unpretentious colleagues with numerous years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, providing high levels of knowledge sharing and eminent possibilities of competency development. By offering a substantial amount of personal responsibility we also offer a job providing great levels of freedom. In turn we expect accountability with the main priorities of high quality work, client relationship, learning curve speed, on-time delivery and personal effectiveness.

We have a standard for evaluation of performance at the client and ”back-stage” in DeltaCo. Clear expectations of the client assignments and DeltaCo business targets secure that you know what is expected of you, which enables feed-back, reward of achievements and development of talent. 

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