Why DeltaCo?

That’s why

Life Science Clients are in need of QA/RA resources to help develop, manufacture and market their great products. DeltaCo supports these companies to be world class making new and revolutionary medicines and devices to ease or eliminate diseases.

We need your skills and dedication to make a difference for patients and fellow colleagues in the Life Science Industry in need of highly specialized skills and an extra hand to further develop their quality system and processes and establish/maintain their license to operate.

Working at DeltaCo you will be stationed as a consultant at the Client Site for shorter or longer periods of time being part of challenging and attractive work places. This way of working provides you with a unique opportunity to get acquainted with various types of leading and promising Nordic pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies and expand your own personal competencies while having fun in a challenging job with great variation in tasks and sceneries.

We are looking for vibrant, professional, humorous and fast learning colleagues with a passion for quality and compliance. At Delta Co words such as agility and flexibility are not “just words” but profoundly necessary and treasured personal skills. To learn more about us please look under the tab “About Us”

Our onboarding program helps you integrate in our company and get introduced in a fast and efficient way.

So come join us now!

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If you consider collaboration with us please feel free to connect on LinkedIn and send a message if you want to learn more about the possibilities.

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